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Vegan Feta Cheese , tangy, creamy & crumby like the real Feta

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This vegan Feta Cheese brings the vegan cheese replacemant to whole new level. With two special ingredients you get this creamy, crumby  and tangy vegan Feta cheese. You can use this vegan cheese as you woould use the real  Feta.  vegan | plantbased | dairyfree |sugarfree

Vegan Feta Cheese

I was a cheese junkie

When there was a thing I couldn’t imagine to live without it, was Cheese. But I made the transition to vegan and this Vegan Cheese Making Book had helped me a lot to achieve it. But for some cheeses I needed another replacement. I am pretty picky and demanding in the matter of cheezeflavors. I already showed you my favorite Parmesan replacement. And this vegan feta cheese hit the spot.

Vegan Feta Cheese

I searched a lot in search engines for a vegan Feta cheese recipe. The most recipes I found were actually just marinated Tofu.  But no recipe really convinced me. As I am high demanding and they didn’t seemed creamy enough for me. I can’t imagine just use Tofu with some spices makes it as good as the real one. Creamy, Crumby and Tangy. But one recipe I found sounded really good. So I adapted my version of the recipe ( I made a few changes to get my crumby, tangy recipe. I really cannot describe how much I like my version of the feta cheese. You have really to try it. I am still amazed how good it is. And I think I will have always some on hand.

Vegan Feta Cheese

Ingredients of my Vegan Feta Cheese


  • Soybeans : makes it creamy and I let them sit for 2 days in brine before I make the cheese
  • firm or super firm Tofu: makes it crumby
  • refined coconut oil: makes it creamy. I am not sure if I could substitute or omit this. But  I am on it.
  • Almond milk or another plant milk
  • Lactic Acid: gives the sour,  salty taste
  • Miso Paste: gives a real tangy, cheezy flavor. And the vegan Feta Cheese developes after days more and more flavor.
  • Salt 
  • Kappa carragenan or Agar Agar: makes it firmer. Without this it would melt to quick especially now in the summer.


Use of the vegan Feta Cheese

You can really use it as you would you use Feta cheese. Some recipes are coming soon on the blog.  You can sprinkle it in a salad. Slice it for pizza or hot meals. But when you use it for hot meals. I would use it directly before I serve the meal otherwise it is completely melted. You can add it in sauces or make vegan feta cheese pastries.

Did you try the recipe?

If you did it, be so nice ♥ and let me know by rating the recipe and writing what you think about it. Tag me on Instagram too. I am @veeatcookbake and my hashtag is #veeatcomforts. So that I can see your creation. Did you know you can add photos on Pinterest under the recipe Pin? I can’t wait to see a photo of your creation there. You find me with VeeatCookBake.

Vegan Feta Cheese , tangy, creamy & crumby like the real Feta
This vegan Feta Cheese brings the vegan cheese replacemant to hole new level. With two special ingredients you get this creamy, crumby and tangy vegan Feta cheese. You can use this vegan cheese as you woould use the real Feta.
Recipe type: Cheese, Dairyalternative
Cuisine: vegan, plantbased, nutfree, dairyfree
Serves: 8 portions
  • 200g boiled and roughly peeled soybeans
  • enough water until the soybeans are covered in water
  • 1.5 teaspoons salt
  • 140g tofu (firm or extra firm)
  • 150 ml almond milk or others
  • ¼ tsp kappa carrageenan or agar agar
  • ½ - 1 teaspoon of lactic acid powder or 2 tablespoons of lemon juice
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 150 ml melted refined coconut oil(important otherwise your feta tastes like coconut)
  • ½ - 1 teaspoon white miso paste (it holds in the fridge, mine is already ¾ year old)
  1. days before you make the feta, soak the soybeans. I soak it in the morning and cook it in the evening.
  2. Peel the soybeans in the evening. I put them in plenty of water and squeeze the soybeans by hand. So the peels dissolve they swim in the water. Then simply scoop them off. You do not have to go all shells, just roughly.
  3. Then cook the soybeans until they are soft.
  4. Now cover the soybeans with water and add 1.5 teaspoons salt and refrigerate for the next 2 days.
  5. days later you can start with the feta.
  6. Add all ingredients except the almond milk and the gelling agent (kappa or agar agar) to a high speed blender.
  7. Cook the almond milk and the kappa on the stove and then add it to the remaining ingredients.
  8. Now you mix it until you get a fine, creamy consistency without piece.
  9. taste your cheese if the feta is spiced up enough for you. If not, add some more salt or miso paste. Depending on how spicy you want the feta cheese.
  10. Now put the cream in a mold and put in the fridge for at least 12 hours. I usually do it in the evening, so the feta can get firm overnight.
  11. Enjoy the Feta Cheese



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  1. veeatcookbake

    Thank you so much. It really is awesome. You should try it. You wouldn’t regret it.

  2. Jasmine

    Woah, this looks SO GOOD!

  3. veeatcookbake

    Gemma, awesome. Cannot wait to hear from you again.

  4. veeatcookbake

    You should try my recipe. It is so far the best alternative I had for feta.

  5. veeatcookbake

    Thank you Nicole. It really is awesome. You should try it.

  6. veeatcookbake

    It really does. And the taste is really awesome. We can’t get enough of it. Have to make it again soon 🙂

  7. Vanessa @ VeganFamilyRecipes

    What a brilliant recipe! I can’t believe it crumbles the same way feta does. Can’t wait to try this out!

  8. Nicole Dawson

    You’ve outdone yourself by making your own feta!

  9. Anjali

    yum! love this! i have yet to make vegan feta at home!

  10. Gemma

    My husband loved feta before we went vegan so looking forward to trying this to treat him to a Greek salad

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