How it started…

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Hello my lovely readers,

I am really happy that you have found my blog here and I can maybe even inspire you with my recipes. 🙂

Now I would like to tell you how it all started with my family and me. To operate this veganism and which reasons ultimately behind it.

First of all, I’d like to introduce myself: My name is Jasmin, and I’m a Mom of two charming children and a wife of a very great man, who supports me in everything, including the plant based, vegan diet. If he did not participate so energetically, the final change would have been more difficult. I love him even more. (Feel flattered when you read this;))

My interests were always being cooking and baking. I like to cook for my family, friends. I used to try out recipes without really thinking of the nutrition aspect if it was healthy. Then at some time I went to cook “healthy”. I have been more and more concerned with the thematic and ate mostly whole foods. There were natural days where my sweet tongue wins. Every now and then a bag of chips. But this really ok for me. It is more an exception.

Then, for the first time, I became a mummy, at first I breast feed my son full time. At this moment, I did not really concern with the diet. In the beginning of feeding my son with mashed vegetables and grains (I did not used mashed meat, I do not like it to mash or even buy it) and later when he ate more and more of our family food and I was pregnant with our second child, our daughter/ she was born already I started the research through the internet.

In the flood of information that comes to you, I have selected the most important aspects for us. For me I decided really quick, which was in September / October 2016, that I would like to feed me and my kids plant based. Now I am deeper into the thematic and also looked for recipes, which we could try. My husband helped me with it directly. In this mental transition phase, my in laws from the USA were visiting us. So we decided that we should eat in this time when they are here as we used to (omnivor whole foods).

We started to eat vegan after the visit at home and still eat normally outside. Which is also completely okay to do it this way, then the transition itself is easier. During this changeover period, I kept informed about veganism and looked at various documentaries. Since Christmas was also knocking on the door, we would eat “normal” with my family (parents). The deadline for a complete vegan diet was typically the New Year’s Day. Should not we have at least one resolution? This was ours. And to this day I do not regret having gone that step. Meanwhile I cannot let my kids eat animal products with a good conscience. Not only from a health perspective but also from ethical and environmental aspects.

For me the cooking was quite new ter. Try a lot of new things. Actually, you start almost at 0 again. This was really not a problem for me, I even had a lot of fun and it was great fun.

Then 3 months later, so in March, I thought, why should I not share my recipes with you, the world, and maybe even vegan newbies can win of it and make their transition easier? Or even those who are not vegan, to inspire to try a plant based dish. There are many dishes that are vegan from the beginning: tomato sauce, vegetable soup, various other soups, stews, salads. Just to mention a few examples.


Now enough of me and my story. Tell me how it was with you? Why did you switch to a plant based diet? I am really curious 🙂 and look forward to your stories.

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Greetings to all of you, Jasmin