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Moist, Light Almond-Chocolate-Cake – vegan, dairyfree, eggfree, oilfree

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I prepare this moist and light chocolate cake with almond flour and spelt flour. By adding apple purée, this cake becomes juicy and requires less alternative sweetness.

Chocolate cake which kids love


When I think of my childhood, this recipe has often been baked for our children birthday parties. Covered with chocolate and decorated gummy bears or smarties. My mother’s cake quickly became a cake, so you do not have much effort. Whoever likes to make quickly cakes has found the perfect cake with this recipe. You can also make muffins from it.


A healthy alternative to the traditional chocolate cake


Children simply love all kinds of chocolate. Chocolate cake is also very popular. Because I do not use sugar (refined sugar,white) and oil in this recipe. Not only the children love this cake also the big ones cannot leave the fingers off the cake.

By adding almonds (other nuts are also possible) makes this cake even healthier. Just try it. You will love the cake just as much as my son and everyone else do.

What cakes cannot be missed at your children’s birthdays? I’m glad to hear from you.


tag/#tag me with #/@veeatcookbake on your creations. I am glad to see what you made.

Moist, Light Almond-Chocolate-Cake - vegan, dairyfree, eggfree, oilfree
Recipe type: vegan, dairyfree, eggfree, sugarfree, oilfree
  1. Prepare the baking pan with baking paper or Oil and preheat the oven (180 ° Celsius/circulation).
  2. Beat the “egg” mass. Add Aquafaba, vanilla a few turns of the grinder, cream of tartar, locust bean flour and coconut sugar into a mixing bowl. Stir until the mass is beaten. This is very similar to beaten egg whites.
  3. For this I use a kitchen machine. While the kitchen machine continues, I can weigh / measure the remaining ingredients.
  4. If the aquafaba is beaten, add the remaining ingredients until everything is smooth.
  5. Now spread the mixture into the prepared pan and bake for 40 minutes.
  6. With the toothpicking test determine whether the dough is baked through. Stick still dough, bake a little longer. Let it cool.
  7. Enjoy the cake.


What I use:

For pinning:

chocolate cake, schokoladenkuchen


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